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Rave Reviews


It was a pleasure to work with Lyndsey!! She was a wonderful warm up instructor for our Coventry Race For Life - so full of positivity and warmth... Fabulous!

Katie Bevan

Lyndsey is the kind of person who would put other people's well being before her own and strives to help other people find happiness within.

R Miles

Beautiful lady inside and out. She adapts for all... She's supportive... and a fab coach.


Lyndsey is an inspiring woman, full of love and positive vibes, and because of her there are people that have not given up achieving their goals.
Lyndsey’s story has given her the experience to help others to overcome their set backs and achieve the empowerment that they need. Lyndsey will be able to help you start your journey, realise what your dreams are and plan with you as to how you can achieve them. 
Go for it, get empowered.

Karen Sandhu

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