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I recommend with the highest integrity and love Lyndsey Austin - Life Coach.  I have admired her motivational and honest videos and powerful posts for the last few years and after reading her inspiring book a Flight of a Butterfly - I was compelled to reach out to her about dealing with past pain. 

I booked in with Lyndsey for Life Coaching and was meet with the warmest welcome and when we went through each area of my life, I felt I could trust her to really open up and she quickly helped me get to the area I wanted to work on without me knowing it. Lyndsey also validated it was OK to be emotional something no one has ever said to me before and made me feel so positive about where I was at - I walked out feeling taller and with a bigger smile.

I was very interested in practical skills to help moving forward to cope with any future difficult situations and this was something I now value so much. I  was a bit out of my comfort zone never having done breathing exercises before - this though I am glad I was guided by Lynsey to try and has helped me cope and I have been able to share this with others.  Keeping a journal and other practical things Lyndsey offered have rung in my ears and guided me to make positive life changes.


Amanda White

You can learn more about me in my best-selling book ' Flight of a Butterfly'. Here's what people have to say about my story....

Jules - Superb Read!

I had to binge read, couldn't put it down! If you're struggling for motivation to get yourself out of a bad place then this is the book for you. Lyndsey's story is absolute proof that you can have the strength to do it.

Dean - Wow! Eye-opening...

This was the quickest thing that I have ever read.  Our life choices always make an individual. I am impressed that this wonderful inspiring lady has blossomed into a truly inspiring unique butterfly. Ready to fly, share and guide others in their life lessons.  Good luck and thank you for sharing.

Denise - The flight of one very special butterfly.

Really truly inspirational story about how a girl that went through so much in her young life changed her life around. A must read I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure you will inspire many people with your words that find themselves in similar situations and teach them to grow as you have.

Miss K A Boyd - A raw inspiring read!! If Lyndsey's story doesn't motivate you, nothing will. 

I recommend to anyone struggling with self belief and fear of the unknown. This book will show you that absolutely anything you want from this life can be yours once you realise your worth and step into your power.

Raju - A brilliant read...

What a roller coaster ride of a story!
The author describes how she overcomes some of the most awful experiences life can throw at a young girl and young mother and how she has managed to overcome these obstacles and more to become a successful fitness and life coach, as well as bringing up 3 children.
This biography is a fantastic read , which I could not put down.

Julie - Inspiring read...

A great read of a strong woman’s journey from a dysfunctional childhood and abusive relationships to the woman she is today
An inspirational read over overcoming adversity and making your life what you want it to be , overcoming obstacles and never giving up

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